Frame Repair

Frame Damage

A compromised vehicle frame, whether due to collisions or wear and tear, can compromise safety and performance. At Heritage Collision & Auto Body, we understand the critical role a solid frame plays in your vehicle’s structural integrity. Our specialized frame repair services are designed to meticulously strengthen your vehicle’s foundation, providing the necessary support for safe and confident driving.

How We Can Help

Frame repair entails metal replacement through cutting and welding. Our process entails duplicating the metal in efforts to match the strength of the original frame. It is important to note that some frames are unrepairable due to safety concerns. For this reason, we work closely with inspections stations to determine if your vehicle is safe to repair.

My car failed inspection because of rust. Heritage Collision & Auto Body started fixing it the next day and for an extremely reasonable price. They even cleaned my car. I couldn’t be happier I found them!

– Andrew Daron –

Frequently Asked Questions

After repair, will I see rust form again?

Rust is comparable to cancer in the human body. We do everything (rust inhibitors, cavity wax, new metal, etc.) but like cancer, rust can spread even when repaired properly.

How can I prevent rust from returning once it is repaired?

An undercoating protectant is applied to any framework once repaired. With Pennsylvania being a northern state that salts the roads during the winter, regular cleaning of the vehicle and its underside is a critical step to prevent rust.