Rust Repair

Corrosion Happens

Rust is a reddish-brown flaky coating that forms on iron or steel through a process of oxidation. Especially in the presence of moisture, rust continues to eat away the metal over time, resulting in the erosion of a vehicle. This is especially common in Pennsylvania, as well as many Eastern states. If not taken care of, a vehicle with extensive rust will become unsafe to drive and unable to pass inspection.

How We Can Help

Our team of experts helps to cut out the infected rust areas such as a rocker or fender to support the drivers needs. We then take the appropriate steps to replace it and seemlessly blend the part and match to the vehicles existing paint color. In sceanarios where a part is unable to be replaced,  we help the vehicle owner by taking preventative steps to help prolong the vehicles life.

I had rust work that needed to be done on my truck in order for it to pass inspection. Landed at Heritage Collision and could not have been more impressed not only with the workmanship, but the friendliness and great customer service I received. Would highly recommend them!

– Becky Coulson –

Frequently Asked Questions

After repair, will I see rust form again?

Rust is comparable to cancer in the human body. We do everything (rust inhibitors, cavity wax, new metal, etc.) but like cancer, rust can spread even when repaired properly.

How can I prevent rust from returning once it is repaired?

An undercoating protectant is applied to any framework once repaired. With Pennsylvania being a northern state that salts the roads during the winter, regular cleaning of the vehicle and its underside is a critical step to prevent rust.